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Woodheys Pitch and Putt is extremely popular and this year will be open from Easter week through to September.  The course is a full 18 hole pitch and putt

Trafford Council have confirmed that the official opening date is Good Friday but as is the norm they are yet to advise final pricing.  This has been requested and as soon as it is available we will update the below prices which are still showing from 2012. 

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Details Created on Monday, 05 May 2008 16:30 Last Updated on Monday, 29 October 2012 17:27 Written by Web Editor Hits: 1605 Woodheys Community room is situated within the pavillion at Woodheys park.

With it’s own car-park which has 15 marked car parking spaces and can comfortably accomodate more the community room has been developed to provide the community with their own meeting place in comfortable surroundings.

Whether it is a local coffee group or a more serious quiz or chess club the community room can be laid out to accomodate the needs of any group who wishes to use it. The community room has it’s own kitchen and toilets as well as the main public toilets on the other side of the pavillion.

Presently used heavily by Trafford council, the Friend’s group, school groups on days-out and the allotment society we are looking to find more varied groups to take advantage of the facilities. A flexible rating structure has been put in place to assist start-up groups to have a place to develop from and over-looking the pitch and putt this is a tranquil park setting away from the children’s play areas.

If you would like a look round the community room or wish to discuss hiring the room send an e-mail to the chairman through the contacts pages of this site. We would be happy to hear from you.

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Woodheys park has always been known locally as Pinkey park.  The name originated from pigs from neighbouring farmland often coming across into the park.

The farmland has gone but Pinkey park lives on in the form of the Pinkey park childrens play area within Woodheys park.  At the heart of the philosophy between Woodheys park and the friend’s group is that this park should be enjoyed by the whole community, young and old.  A real family park. 

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Details Created on Monday, 05 May 2008 16:26 Last Updated on Monday, 29 October 2012 17:27 Written by Web-Editor Hits: 9894 All walkers are welcome in Woodheys park and it is frequented by a considerable number of dog walkers.  From opening time before work to evening times in the summer the community walkway around the edge of the park is full of dog walkers.

21 dog bins are laid out around the park for collection of dog waste and joe, our park keeper has plastic bags if poop-a-scoop’s have been left at home.

As in any park cleaning up after your dog is rigourously enforced.  This is a family park after-all with children of all ages enjoying the amenities the park has to offer.

That said we have everything from mongrels to Pedigree “Crufts” standard dogs using the park.  You can often see owners putting their dogs through their paces, marking out and mimiccing the walks they would do in show.

We do try to keep dogs off the pitch and putt and five-a-side pitches for obvious reasons but inevitably dogs do stray into these areas and care has to be taken by dog owners to repect these facilities but apart from that they are welcome throughout the park.

Details Created on Monday, 05 May 2008 16:02 Last Updated on Monday, 29 October 2012 17:27 Written by Web-Editor Hits: 9704 Woodheys gardens is runs from the Car park down towards the childrens play area entrance on Kenmore Road. Hidden from the pitch and putt area by hedges and trees it is a haven for those who enjoy the sights and smells of well kept borders.

From small snowdrops and daffodils to ornamental grasses and shrubs this popular walk has different varieties of plants its’ whole length.

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