Woodheys woods area is split into two seperate eco-systems at the far end of the park between Pinkey childrens play area and Sinderland brook. These are split by the walkway to Sinderland Brook entrance at that part of the park which leads out towards Broadheath and De Quincey park. The woods themselves were created in the 1970’s on farmland and as such is a managed woodland area.

We have a woodland trail which snakes it’s way round and through one half of the woods. This wood is mainly willow and as such is marshland encouraging many different animals and birdlife into the park. Foxes, Squirrels and Barn owls are just some of the regular visitors spotted from our woodland trail on a regular basis.

The other half of the park is still marshland but presently does not have any wood trails running through it. This habitat is ideal for animals which do not encourage human attention, The plan in the future is to have a managed woodland trail which will cover the whole of the wooded area. People will be encouraged to stay to the confines of these paths so as not to disturb the eco-system which has already developed. This trail would then link both ends of the park walkway which presently runs down the outside of the woods making a more attractive outer walkway to the park.

As mentioned the woodland area runs parallel to the meandering Sinderland Brook which runs into the river Mersey further up. On the brook is a geo-cache site. If you know what that is you will know how to find it.