Woodheys gardens is runs from the Car park down towards the childrens play area entrance on Kenmore Road. Hidden from the pitch and putt area by hedges and trees it is a haven for those who enjoy the sights and smells of well kept borders.

From small snowdrops and daffodils to ornamental grasses and shrubs this popular walk has different varieties of plants its’ whole length.

This area mushrooms out into a grassed area opposite secluded by the trees and hedges from the rest of the park giving an ideal spot in the summer to sit on the grass and enjoy picnics. Joe our park-keeper is usually on hand to provide information on the varied plants and animals which frequent this part of the park.

Woodheys park is committed to increasing its’ gardnes and pathways and additional bedding has been added towards the end of the pitch and putt which are there to be enjoyed. Some of this planting has been undertaken by local groups under Joe’s supervision and we actively encourage groups to take part in learning about planting and learning about horticultural management