For all those of you who are happy to support the UK’s bee population why not join in with the Keep Britian Buzzing campaign.  Keep Britian buzzing are running a campaign where the first 30,000 respondants qualify for a free set of seeds.

If you then find you no longer need the seeds drop them off with the Friend’s group at the hut and we will make good use of them within the park.  We have a large volume of planting to do over the coming month’s and attracting bees, butterflies and insects back into the park is part of our key strategy for long-term sustainability within the woodland environment.

Most of you will have seen the hard work and dedication that has been put into the woodland area over the last 12 months and despite the poor weather over the winter we haven’t stopped working and supporting the woodland development.

This will continue over the spring with discussions ongoing about where to allow the grass to grow longer and develop a small wildlife meadow to really push our little friends to make it their own.