Lost, a selection of sleeping bags found in Woodheys park during July.  

These aren’t the only signs of nocturnal visitors of the unwelcome kind.  Broken fences along Woodhouse Lane East also point to after hours visitors to the park.  So much so that patrols within the area have been stepped up to discourage these unwanted visitors.  

 Woodheys Park is a family park within a vibrant community to be used by all but as a community park it has visiting hours.  Some people seem intent to extend those hours overnight and are damaging the park in the process.  Some of the damage has been wilful and some has been unintentional.  We are aware of the problem and will be keeping an eye on the woodland area.

This area is a protected nature conservation area but the lower canopy over the last few years has been allowed to reduce down considerably.  For the canopy to recover we need to manage the area to re-build the lower canopy and attract wildlife back into the area.  

There are plenty of open spaces and woodland in the area and the friends group would ask that you refrain from camping in Woodheys Park woodland overnight.