At the end of July an inspection was carried out of Woodheys park and the score shows Woodheys Park to be the fourth best kept park in the Borough.  Once the showpiece park Woodheys has undergone a number of changes, both in personnel within the park and the way the park is funded.  

Although some areas of the park were highlighted as requiring serious improvements overall the standards maintained by the onsite gardeners has helped keep Woodheys at the forefront of parks within the borough.  A large numberof parks have benefitted from a cash injection to bring children’s play areas upto a higher standard but the play area put in by the friends group a decade ago still makes the grade.  

Areas of major concern were the wear and tear on the Sports & Fitness field, an area highlighted by the friends group as a constant thorn with the Pitch & Putt given a higher priority, some general weeding in flower beds including the Butterfly garden.  The Butterfly garden is of major concern as this was only installed by the friends group with help from Woodheys Primary school in 2009 but it is now un-recognisable from when it was created.  

These reviews are carried out on a regular basis and although our scores have reduced down over the last few years to still rank in the top 4 parks after losing our Greenflag status and after the retirement of our Head-Gardener bodes well for the future.