The Friends of Woodheys Park formed in 2000 when members of the community decided to do something about the general state of Pinkey park as it was known locally. To begin with this group met with considerable hostility from members of the local community who’s anti-social behaviour within the park and surrounding areas had led to the destruction of the local pavillion and many other amenities which were in a poor and run down state.

What we Did


The friends group gathered pace over the coming six years and in 2002 a five year plan was developed in conjunction with Trafford councils’ greenspaces and parks committee. The small but dedicated group actively encouraged the local community to involve themselves with the park and membership of the friends group grew.  Projects such as the re-roofing of the pavillion, fencing of the park boundaries and a new under 7’s play area were successfully pushed through and now, in 2007, the group has a loyal and committed core membership which works closely with Trafford council to develop and expand the park’s appeal across the borough and beyond.

The Friends group now

The friend’s group are always looking for fresh impetus and new members who can provide a different outlook on what has been acheived and what could be acheived in the future.  As 2010 draws to a close and 2011 begins the friends group have to evaluate where we are upto with the park development and what we need to acheieve over the coming years.  Development within the park since 2008 has stood still and although we have finally succeeded in gating the additional wood entrance we need to look at what additional benefits the park is providing to the community.

The friends of Woodheys Park : building a community park for the 21st Century.